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Quality of life improves in cancer patients

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A randomised study in Hungary, that Professor Eva Banyai will present during the EUROPEAN CONGRESS OF HYPNOSIS 2017 in Manchester in August, has found that hypnosis is more effective than social support groups or musical assemblies in maintaining psychological wellbeing and immune function during treatment and for three years follow up, in intermediate and high-risk breast cancer patients.

The healing value of hypnosis: The effect of adjuvant hypnotherapy on survival, immune functions and quality of life of intermediate and high-risk breast cancer patients

Èva Bányai, Edit Jakubovits, Emese Józsa

The panel reports on the results of a randomised prospective outcome study of the effectiveness of hypnosis as an adjunctive treatment of cancer patients. In this study, the effect of hypnotherapy is compared either with the effect of musical assemblies (50-50 patients, randomly assigned to the “hypnosis” or “music” groups), or with the data of 3 control groups with social support (50-50 Ss), recruited for the study on the relationship between psychological well-being and healing. The patients receive 4 AC and 12 PAC chemotherapy treatments according to the international standard protocol. The quality of life, the psychological immune competence of the patients, and their NK cell activity are measured before the first AC and the first PAC treatments, at the end of the chemotherapy protocol, then for 3 years follow-up. The details of the results are presented in 3 separate papers (first authors: Éva Bányai., Edit Jakubovits, Emese Józsa). In summary, the main findings show that hypnosis is more effective in mobilising the physical and psychological hidden resources than the other interventions of the research and supports the post-traumatic growth of patients.

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